Bitcoin Cloud Mining

One of the best bitcoin investment you can possibly make now is to invest into bitcoin cloud mining on

Genesis-Mining is one of the best website that provides life-long bitcoin mining contracts. For an amount of money, you are able to purchase TH/s and you will get profits for life.

The bad news is that these bitcoin mining contracts are pretty rare to catch. They offer a pre-sale from time to time and if you are lucky enough, you can purchase your contract on a great price.

The benefits of bitcoin cloud mining are:

  • Zero electricity costs
  • Life long contract!
  • Small maintenance fees

One of the easiest ways to estimate how fast you will get your initial investment back is to go the CoinWarz bitcoin mining estimator website. Usually, the ROI is 3-4 months and then you will have “free” BTC coming at you for the rest of your life (or how much the contract will last).

If you use this coupon code, you will get 3% off your cloud mining investment on genesis-mining: HY0UIq

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