Bitconnect investment (Day 1)

Bitconnect investment might be one of the most controversial subject related to Cryptocurrencies, but this is my documented journey!

Please note that this is not a financial advice and I will always recommend you to invest small amounts (amounts that you can always afford to lose).

The idea behind this website is simple:

You lend money to their “trading robot” and you will get them back in ~300 days (depending on how much you invest) plus an interest rate. This rate might be different every day. You could see rates of 1.9% / 2% / 0.2% or even 0%. Overall, at the moment of writing this, the average for 30 days is about 0.81%.

How to start with Bitconnect

  • You must have Bitcoin first. If you don’t, head over to Coinbase and purchase. You can safely purchase bitcoin from many other websites. I actually recommend LocalBitcoins too, because you could find local people that sell bitcoin. This means faster transactions and you can use your credit card for paying.
  • Go to Bitconnect website by CLICKING HERE and register a new account
  • Click Deposit Bitcoin button
  • Send the amount you want to invest to that specific address that is showing up. Please note that the minimum investment is $100
  • Once the BTC gets into your Bitconnect account, you must head over to the BCC Exchange section to purchase BCC
  • Press Lend BitConnect button and you are ready to start your first investment!

Bitconnect investment (Day 1)

As you can see in the image below, I just started up on 25 October 2017. My first deposit was $160 and following a guide that I will show you guys later on, I am hoping to reach at the end of my 299 days more than $1600.

This is going to be a great journey and I invite you to join me!

Please note that if I become your Sponsor on BitConnect, I will return to you on BitConnect website the 7% bonus (from the amount you invest).

You just have to send me an e-mail after your first investment using the Contact page and include your username, the amount you invested and your BCC wallet address.

Example of how much you will get back from me:

  • If you invest $100, I will send you back $7
  • If you invest $150, I will send you back $10.5
  • If you invest $1000, I will send you back $70

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  • Annie October 29, 2017 at 12:28 pm

    Thank you for giving back $7, Julian!

    I just started my bitconnect investment!


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