Bitconnect investment (Day 2)

Things are moving pretty fast with my Bitconnect investment and here is my day 2 of this one year long (at least) journey.

HitBTC, a really big exchange announced that they are going to list the BCC coin on their market. This is a huge news for the Bitconnect platform, since listing on such exchange markets makes the coin/platform feel more safe or trustable.

Because of this and because the BTC price is going up, the BCC coin price is going up and is now trading for $217. Yesterday, on my initial Bitconnect investment, the price was about $196 per coin.

The interest rate for October 26 was 1.77%, so from my initial investment of $160, I got $2.77. Isn’t that great? I mean, who offers you such rates for such a long period of time? This average interest rate they paid in the last 30 days is 0.82%. Crazy!

I can’t wait to reach day 10 so I can reinvest $10 more and bring my initial investment up to $170!

Now that you start to better understand how this platform works, if I become your Sponsor on BitConnect, I will return to you the 7% bonus (from the amount you invest).

All you have to do is to send me an e-mail after your first investment using the Contact page and include your username, the amount you invested and your BCC wallet address.

Example of how much you will get back from me:

  • If you invest $200, I will send you back $14
  • If you invest $100, I will send you back $7
  • If you invest $500, I will send you back $35

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