Bitconnect Investment (Day 8)

Time flies by and day 8 of my bitconnect investment is already here! I have a secret to share with you, please bare a moment.

Oops…I did it again! I could not stay away from investing into the bitconnect platform and on day 5 I put in $520 more. I thinked about it for a while and realized that $1010 is too much for me at this moment. The only advantage of that amount of money is that I get 0.1% per day besides their usual interest rate (which is great lately). But in the same, 500 more dollars from what I invested would be gone for 239 days.

Bitconnect is one of the most interesting platforms I ever put money into. Think about it: after 8 days and $680, I already gained $42. That’s one hell of an interest rate and I already put back on the platform $10.

I plan on getting at least 50% out in the next two months and then I will only reinvest to gain more.

Bitconnect on HitBTC

It’s official now. BCC coin can now be traded on HitBTC exchange. This is fantastic news for all bitconnect users/holders of the coin and I’m really happy that we made it to a big exchange.

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