Bitpetite investment

One of the easiest ways of making extra coins right now is to start your Bitpetite investment!

They offer 6 weeks plans with 4.5% interest rate / day and 9 weeks plans with 3.6% interest rate / day.

You can deposit BTC, LTC, ETH and XMR and you can receive back either the picked coin or USD.

I started my investment with 0.1 ETH, just so I can test if the website pays. After 3 days, I took out 0.01 ETH (they paid transaction fees).

The website is pretty solid, they are online for more than 150 days and I think that they are paying the users because of their Bitcoin tumbler. Basically, using their service you will have anonymous like BTC transactions.

Here are my current investments:

bitpetite investment proof

And here is the payment proof

bitpetite withdraw proof

The website is paying you each hour and you are able to withdraw when reaching $10 worth of BTC and $3 worth of alts.

If you want to start investing, click here.

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