Complete Bitcoin HODL mode?

One of the questions that come to my mind right now is if I should enter complete Bitcoin HODL mode?

There are plenty of investment opportunities but most of them are for the long term. Let`s consider one of my latest investments (genesis-mining) and see exactly how is that doing.

On November 21, 2017 I sent 0.032 BTC ($259.84) to buy 1.5 TH/s bitcoin hashpower mining. My contract will start on March 15, 2018 and will last for the rest of my life (or genesis-mining`s). Right now, 0.032 BTC is around $350.

That means that in less than 2 weeks I “lost” $90. What would happen until March 15, 2018 when my mining contract starts?

The good thing about genesis mining is that I am going to cash in profits on the long term. My initial estimations were $65 / month. Now it’s up to $80 / month based on my contract and BTC price.

I think that on the long term, I might eventually enter complete Bitcoin HODL mode.

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