HashFlare cloud mining

Hashflare cloud mining is one of the most profitable bitcoin cloud mining contracts that you can purchase right now, without waiting times.

From my two experience with HashFlare, I noticed that the ROI is almost 2 months and a half. This means that after these months, you will be earning pure profits. The HashFlare mining contracts last for only one year. Right after that, your hashrate will go back to 0.

The thing that makes these contracts a good buy is, of course, the bitcoin price and bitcoin mining profitability. Keep in mind that these two can always change.

I also invested in bitcoin cloud mining using genesis-mining website. The difference is that the contract will start in about 3 months and the contract is available for the rest of the website days (for life).

I always recommend people to invest as much as they can afford to lose, so don’t take this as a financial advice. Here’s a video I made on HashFlare cloud mining:

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