How to get free TokenPay

If you are looking on how to get free TokenPay, I think you just got in the right place. I have two methods that will help you get TokenPay for free.

How to get TokenPay for free


TokenPay is a POS (proof-of-stake) coin. If you own TokenPay, you can earn even more just by staking it.

Staking means that you need to keep the wallet opened and unlocked 24/7.

The staking reward depends on how much tpay you own.

Here are my staking rewards in the last few months. Just imagine TokenPay going to $50/coin. You got some nice, free money each month just by staking.

Telegram Group

There is a telegram group (TPAY and EFIN Tipping Bot) that would tip fractions of TokenPay to the most active users in the chat.

Everyone can “donate” to the Tipping Bot and the rain will happen when to pot is between 8 to 10 tpay, random.

Here`s how you can donate to the pot:

From time to time, Derek Capo (CEO of TokenPay) would set “targets” and reward the group with big rains. For example, when the group reached 1.200 members, he rained 100 TPAY to 201 people.

You can withdraw tokenpay once your balance reaches at least 2 tpay.

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